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Products by Lemonodasos
Coffee Art - Kypraiou Smaragda - Kos Dodecanese

At "Coffee Art", we present a variety of products from the company "Lemonodasos" that will surely delight you with their unique flavors and natural quality.

Pink Lemonade is the perfect choice for those who love grapefruit, offering a cool and refreshing treat.

Natural Lemonade with ginger and stevia combines fresh and juicy lemons, without added sugar, offering an extremely fruity and refreshing taste.

Lemonodasos Fruit Juices are 100% natural and handmade, without preservatives, offering a range of options that satisfy even the most demanding palates.

Lemonade with Lemonade from Lemonodasos is a refreshing and fruity choice that is sure to delight you.







Products by Lemonodasos

Concentrated Bergamot and Stevia Tea from Lemonodasos is a unique combination of freshness, color and aroma that will impress you.

Enjoy your favorite lemonade from natural lemon juice without preservatives and added sugar, only from Lemonodasos.

Fraulada is a concentrated strawberry juice with lemon juice, mint and stevia from Lemonodasos that will take you to a world full of freshness and taste.

Lemonade with Chios Mastic from Lemonodasos is a unique taste experience that you will never forget.


All products from Lemonodasos are available in our store, offering an excellent range of options for lovers of natural and refreshing refreshments.