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Products by Alterra
Coffee Art - Kypraiou Smaragda - Kos Dodecanese

At "Coffee Art", we are proud to offer you a wide range of products from the company "Alterra", specially designed to meet your taste preferences and needs.

Alterra frozen fruit is the ideal choice for those who love fruit sweets. With various shapes and cuts such as pineapple, raspberry, apricot, mango and many more, you can enjoy your favorite dessert all year round. Find what you need from Alterra at Coffee Art!




Smoothies by Alterra

If you want to enjoy the taste of fruit in an alternative way, try Alterra smoothies! From fresh, frozen fruit like strawberry, blueberry, raspberry and more, these smoothies offer a nutritious option for healthy frozen desserts.


Discover the taste that suits you from Alterra smoothies at Coffee Art!