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Coffee products by Taresso
Coffee Art - Kypraiou Smaragda - Coffee Specialty - Wholesale Coffee - Kos Dodecanese

At "Coffee Art", we offer an exquisite range of coffee products that cover every taste preference and need. Discover the espresso capsules, the fine cold brew or the coffee that suits your tastes, through a wide variety of coffee!

Our freshly brewed coffee stands out for its full blend and delightful taste, offering a truly enjoyable experience to every lover of good coffee.

All the senses awaken with single origin by Taresso! Each capsule hides the unique flavor of Taresso's single origin coffee, offering an aromatic journey that you won't easily forget.



Capsules from Taresso

The Full Body capsules from Taresso combine a unique and rich taste, offering coffee lovers a completely satisfying taste experience.

For decaf lovers, Coffeeheadz capsules from Taresso are the perfect choice for a relaxed weekend, with a chocolate and butterscotch and raspberry aftertaste.

Cold brew 

Taresso's cold brew ingredients are carefully selected, without preservatives and additives, offering a unique taste of dark chocolate and an aftertaste of strawberry liqueur with dark sugar, stable and unchanged for up to 40 days due to low pasteurization.

For lovers of good coffee, Taresso freshly roasted coffee offers an excellent choice, while Ritual Filter by Taresso impresses with its sweet aftertaste, round acidity and strong taste of yellow fruits and peach.

  Discover your favorite variety of coffee in our store today and enjoy the best coffee offered by "Coffee Art" in Kos!